Saturday, February 28, 2009

les Pyrénées

I was browsing through some blogs this evening and happened upon le blog de fanou and in particular the article les Pyrénées - some absolutely stunning pics there! Very nice blog, Fanou!
But I have to confess the silliest question occurred to me - wonder what made the builder of the home in the fourth photo choose that particular spot? It appears to be a random choice, but wouldn't you like to know why?

Mama is still in intensive care, and we still don't know why she's ill - it's so frustrating. The good news is that various tests show she doesn't have a host of diseases (including uterine cancer!) . The bad news is she seems a little worse every day - she's very difficult to rouse, and she does not interact very much at all. The doctors tell us she is getting a little better every day, based on blood counts and such. Please continue to hold her in your prayers.

I must share a funny little story. Saturday was my eldest grandson's birthday, and in the interest of ease of serving, the beverage we offered was Capri Sun (a juice drink in a disposable pouch, in case you didn't know). They come with a small straw attached, and you have to pierce the pouch with the straw. My 5-year-old grandson was having difficulties with the operation, so I offered to help.
"My teacher can do that," volunteered the little angelic DGS.
"Well, I'm having a bit of a problem with it," says I.
"My teacher isn't old."

And life goes on....

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