Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tiny Treasures Exchange Received and Snow!

I received a lovely package from Audrone in the Tiny Treasures Biscornu Exchange - look at the goodies! Audrone designed and stitched the butterfly biscornu just for me - it's so pretty and delicate! The mag is a Lithuanian Cross Stitching magazine - Audrone tells me it's the first in Lithuania.

Back on March 1st, we had snow! It's a rarity in Alabama, and therefore, we get all excited when we do have some. Lookit the pretty pictures:

That's the dogwood and ring of azaleas in front of my house. And my van, with it's blanket of snow.

The DGs had a great time - making snowballs and trying to build a snowman. We made them come inside every 15-20 minutes to warm up, much to their disgust.

Mama is doing much better - she's off the vent, and has had her trach capped for the past day. Because of my sinus infection / cold, I haven't been able to see her this past week - too much danger of her catching something from me - so I've had to depend on my sister and Daddy for updates.

I did manage to get my next eye surgery scheduled for mid-May. I'm so looking forward to getting my right eye fixed too. Oh, that was purely pun-intentional - lol! BTW, mine are/were PSC cataracts.

It's quite late (as always!), so I'll say Good Night!

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