Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Arrrgh - Computers

My computer is misbehaving and it's driving me nuts (short trip). So I'm taking a break from troubleshooting and updating my blog - so there!

Mama's been back in the hospital, (third admission this year), and it's not so good - please keep her in your prayers.

My newest grandson is growing and thriving, and DD and DGD are starting to get used to his presence.

I've been stitching up a storm, but not finishing anything - I need to have a "Flurry of Finishing" (won't that be a great title for a future blog post?).

I did finish crocheting a filet pillow top I started several years ago - it's my "hospital" project, because I didn't need a pattern for most of it, and it kept my hands busy as I sat around and waited and waited and waited. Hopefully I can find a few minutes to sit down at the sewing machine and make the pillow to go under the top. And because filet transfers so well to monchrome cross stitch - I've been cross-stitching a miniature pillow top to match. We'll see how that turns out.

I'm still getting used to having to wear reading glasses - and still mad that I have to. But it is a joy to be able to see to work on smaller projects again!

Do check out the Blogging Without Obligation button at the lower left - a philosophy I can happily embrace! I saw it on LaGattaC and shamelessly adopted it.

Bunch of bla-bla-bla this time - thanks for coming by and visiting today.

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