Sunday, March 11, 2007

Our New Furbabies

Say hello to Annie and Nellie:
They are mixed breed 9 week old sisters. It has taken us a while to decide to adopt more furbabies since our beloved Dolly passed away. But Annie and Nellie have stolen our hearts.

I had forgotten how much energy puppies have - they easily wear DH and I out every time we play with them. They are very typical sisters - each wants what the other has!

They may look close to identical in this pic, but they are not: Nellie's ears are carried farther out than Annie's, and Annie has a broad white/black brindle patch on her chest, while Nellie has a small white patch on her chest.


Perhaps one day I'll be able to get a pic of them sitting or standing - right now the only time they are still is when laying down chewing on something, or when fast asleep.


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