Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sweet Dreams finished crochet and other projects

I originally found this chart here, but when you follow the link to Sweet Dreams, AOL hometown has been shut down, so I have no idea who the original designer was. I suspect it was Priscilla’s Crochet.

Oh, look what I found: the new site for Priscilla's Crochet! Isn’t Google wonderful? And Sweet Dreams is listed under her freebie filet samplers!
And look what else I found for sale when I was googling. Wonder if Priscilla knows about it?

I'm finishing this as a pillow - hope to have a pic for you tomorrow.

I've also finished the little ornaments I was working on - but since they are the subject of the Trivia Question in my on-going giveaway, I can't show you a pic of the finish until Friday.

And last for tonight, I've decided to make some more floss wallets for Christmas Gifts - and there may even be one in my giveaways this month! Hmmmmm - we'll just have to see about that.


Annie said...

Your floss wallet is so clever. I must have missed that post earlier. What a great idea!

Daffycat said...

How I love that floss wallet. Nita, you're amazing!

Ronel said...

Thank you for the patter. Love the floss wallet. Your blog and stitching is fantastic. Regards Ronel, Cape Town, South Africa

Ronel said...

I realy like the floss wallet from Nita. Thanks for the pattern. I love your blog! Regards, Ronel, Cape Town, South Africa