Monday, November 02, 2009

100th Post (it's about time)

Woo-hoo! Here it is: my 100th post.

It also happens too be All Soul's Day (or day 3 of El Día de los Muertos) - so don't forget to say a prayer for your family members who have departed.

You may remember that I'm in the midst of cleaning and sorting my craft room. That is resulting in a stack of craft supplies that I know I'm never going to use. What I didn't share previously is that it's all part of a Grand Scheme - and all parts of our home are undergoing cleaning and sorting. I have stacks of another person's treasure all over my house.

I have so many blessings in my life and I would like to spend the month of November sharing some of my blessings with you. So, to celebrate reaching this milestone, I've decided to have a serial giveaway. What's that? You may well ask. Haven't you enjoyed the giveaways hosted by Missy, Jolene and Cameo? Mine is a variation on the theme:

1. Every few days in November, I will post an item or two for giveaway. Each giveaway will end three days after it starts, and I'll give you the ending date on each post.
2. Comment on that post to be entered into a drawing for that day's item(s).
3. If you are or become a follower on my blog - that will get you another 2 entries. Comment again to tell me so.
4. Post about that day's giveaway - get another 2 entries! To keep me straight, I'll have to ask you to comment again and give me the link.
5. Each giveaway day will have a Trivia Question (the answer given when I announce the winner!). Answer correctly in a comment - 1 more entry.
6. I will send internationally - I already have friends all over the world and I wouldn't mind a few more!
7. Please make sure I can contact you - either through your blog or by including an email address.

Now, that's 6 chances of winning that you can be eligible for. I will be drawing each giveaway's winner the old fashioned way - by having one of my grandchildren draw a name out of the Magic Basket. So, if you qualify, your name will be in there six times!

The Giveaways:

OK, enough blathering. First up today are two hardback books: Shadowmancer and Wormwood, both by G. P. Taylor. Remember that these are from my personal collection and are not new, although they are in very good condition. Both books will be going to one lucky winner.

I also have a Dimensions kit - and yes, I'm not ashamed to say I bought it on clearance! But I am ashamed that I bought it - it's not my style at all! This is a complete kit with 14 ct beige aida and thread.

You can enter for either the books, or the kit, or both!

I've got a current WIP that I scanned just because I thought it looked funny at this particular stage.You can blame this on my clean-up efforts - I found a scrap of aida from another project that was the perfect size for these ornaments. The one on the left is an adaptation by me, but the one on the right will be an accurate reflection of the designer's chart. Your mission - identify the designer! Hint - I pulled the chart from my huge collection of online freebies, and I saved it on 15 November 2003.

Entries will be closed at midnight, CST on Thursday, 5 November 2009.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today - and Good Luck!


Crystal said...

Well, that kit is on my wishlist for a friend. So, I 'd be pretty interested in winning it :)

Anonymous said...

I signed up to be a follower, but it's under my husband's name (Moses) I always follow blogs through a RSS feed in my bookmarks menu.

Blu said...

Entry 1 for both. The books, because hey, there's no such thing as too many books. And the kit, because that plant looks like something my aunt would like on her walls...

Blu said...

Entrys 2 & 3 since I'm a follower!

Monique said...


I would love to win the kit.
I love you works .

Greetings Monique