Thursday, December 03, 2009

Speaking of Missing Exchanges

Have you ever had an exchange go astray?

A few years back, I did on an Holiday Ornament Exchange.

A quick note on the quality of these pics - I did not have a digital camera in 2005 - so these were taken with my flat bed scanner!

This is the ornament I originally stitched:

And back

I don't know about you, but I seldom stitch the same chart twice, so when this ornament didn't arrive Down Under, I stitched this replacement:


And Back

I was rather proud of using a cinnamon stick for the trunk of the tree, and thank goodness, this one arrived safely, although it took three weeks! As far as I know, the original ornament never showed up.

And I'm sorry - I've had a quick browse thru several hundred of the free designs I have saved - but I haven't spotted either of the above, altho my faulty memory says they were both freebies. If anyone recognizes them, would you let me know so I can give proper credit?

Almost complete change of subject -

Do you remember the Kerstballen designs submitted last year to Miriam's blog? Lots and lots of creative ideas (in case you need some - lol!). I submitted several, but had designed a few more that I never got around to sending to Miriam.
Pictures are clickable for a larger printable view. All the usual legal bla-bla-bla applies - but if you stitch one or the other, please do send me a photo.

And here's a pic of the plaid calico cat framed with a canning jar lid. I did submit this design (along with a plaid stitched back chart) to Miriam - have a look at her blog if you'd like to get the chart.
Do you have an exchange gone astray story?
Or a free ornament you designed?

Thanks for visiting today.

PS - I haven't forgotten about my promised giveaways - one will be coming real soon now.


Ann said...

Love your decorations from this and your previous post, the cat one is very inventive! I recently unpicked cross-stitched cards I'd received and made them into coasters.

I don't usually have problems with exchanges going astray and I've sent things to many countries but I have had one recently that seems to either be taking its time getting there or is lost - hope not! It's really upsetting for some reason, it's not like the package contents cost loads of money but I suppose it is the amount of work we put into these things that we don't like losing.

Annie said...

I think I've only had one exchange item not make it to my partner. But some of them have given me lots of worries.. they took so long to arrive. And of course, those were usually designs I especially like.

It's like Fritos though.. if you lose it, just make more! Both of yours are adorable.

Thanks for the charts too. Very cool designs.