Friday, January 29, 2010

TTE Scissor Pockets Sent and Received

Over at Tiny Treasures Exchange, our current exchange is for a Scissor Pocket or Case.  We do not send to the same person we receive from - and who we send to is kept a secret until the item is received.  Both sides of my exchange are complete, so I can share pictures. 

First, the case I received from Lori

  Isn't it adorable?  and I love the stork scissors - I have a pair in "silver", so can now add these gold ones to my ever-so-slowly growing collection.  Thank-you so much, Lori!

And the case I sent to Andrea:
I had a hard time letting go of the peacock scissors - they are so cute - but Michael's only had one pair - so off they went to Andrea, where I know they will have a good home!

Thanks for visiting today.


Annie said...

What a great exchange. You each got such nice gifts.

Love the little matching fobs. And you did a great job on the hardanger portions and buttonhole closing!

stitchinfiend said...

Such a lovely sissor case received and a beautfiul one sent.

Charlie said...

The scissor pocket case look really lovely ! Also I think it is ok to approve comments before they appear on your blog....Have a lovely day.

Despina said...

you are so talented, very pretty!