Monday, January 18, 2010

TUSAL 2010-01

It may be late, but here it is! For the TUSAL, I chose an empty Yankee Candle jar to use this year - and at the rate that I'm generating orts, it may still not be big enough! I can't show most of my stitching (I've been working on exchanges), but I can show you Fa La La by Plum Pudding Needleart:
I stitched this on a mystery 11 count aida, using four threads. It's an oatmeal color, shot thru with gold threads, and I thought the snowman would show up nicely. It didn't really, so I added some back stitching to define it. I wish you could see the sparkliness of the gold threads - it adds a lot of appeal. I may yet go back and add some gold beads to the pine needles. This turned out BIG (about 5" x 5"), so I'm going to keep the finishing simple - backed with some coordinating fabric and probably use cording on the edges, with maybe a couple a tassels at the bottom corners. This little ornie probably accounts for half the orts in my TUSAL jar - stitching with four threads generates a lot of waste!

I've the finishing to do on the Scissor Pocket / Case for TTE, Too, and I want to finish it this evening so I can get it in the mail tomorrow. Then hopefully I will get stitching on a biscornu for Please Pass the Biscornu, and before the end of the month, get started on my first PIF. Whew- lots of stitching to do!

Thanks for visiting today.


Julie said...

Fa la la is so cute! I think the definition actually adds to the piece.

Daffycat said...

Wonderful ORT jar!

A lovely finish! I thought I solved the problem of the disappearing snowman when I stitched this freebie on a darkly tea-dyed linen...then had to stitch the letters in green as those were stitches that vanished!

Sandra said...

Hi Nita! I joined the TUSAL this year.

Beautiful finish, the snowman is so cheerful!

Good luck with all the projects!

DUSTY said...

Cute snowman Nita