Friday, February 12, 2010

Southern Snow and a Biscornu or Two

Well, the Southern states are now getting their share of the snow that so many other parts of the country have experienced.  Here are some photos I took just a little while ago from my front porch:
The dogwood tree that dominates my tiny front yard :
Some sweet daffodils under the dogwood trying desperately to poke their heads out.

The azalea bushes
And a close-up of the azaleas - doesn't the snow look like cotton balls balanced on the tips of the branches?
Kinda feel like I need to get out the sack to pick dat cotton!  And it is still snowing - I do hope it stops before power lines start coming down.

The postman was so nice today - lookit the biscornu I received from Michelle for January for the Please Pass The Biscornu Blog Exchange.

Exquisite - no?  and the reverse:
 The design is Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu by the Sweetheart Tree.

Last , here are photos of the biscornu I sent to Gillie in the same exchange.

Lately, it seems all the biscornus I stitch are large - lol!

 The Design is a freebie - Moonlight Serenade by Papillon Creations that I stitched with 3 colors of DMC Variations.

Thanks for visiting today.


Robin said...

Love the snow pics. I can't believe we actually got more than a flurry but I hope it's gone tomorrow. :-)
The Biscornus looks great!

Jules said...

Very lovely pictures of the snow covered dogwood and azaleas.

Gillie said...

I love my biscornu! Thank you again!

stitchinfiend said...

Beautiful snow pics and love those biscornu's

Lotta said...

Nice pictures, we have alot more snow here in Umea I think it is nearly 1 meter (39.4 inches) right now.


Annie said...

Looks like you got the pretty, manageable type of snow. Not like the dumping Mother Nature has given us. Enjoy it!

Lovely biscornus.

Kathy said...

I'm a bit behind on reading my blogs but I have to say your snow photos are great.

I also love those biscornus. I haven't tried one yet but yours are so pretty.

Mylene said...

Great pictures of the snow! Those biscornu's looks lovely.

Mare said...

Lovely Biscornus & spring finally arrived here this week.