Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Warning, Warning, Warning - Danger, Will Robinson!

Sunday, I checked out this link weffriddles posted on the EMS Board.
Do not go there! :-D
I've spent precious stitching time solving these puzzles (bragging - I'm at level 44), and I'm not going back until I complete at least two projects - so there!
btw - if you like puzzles/riddles, these are pretty challenging - and you absolutely must consult the Forum for hints/tips (#1 tip - very important - keep a log of the levels, clues, titles, and what you did to solve it - you must be able to refer back to solve future levels - seriously, folks, this is sooo important or you'll end up begging for someone to knock you upside the head with a clue X four)
Why am I telling you this - because misery loves company!
Must go to bed now - work tomorrow, and I haven't been getting into bed before midnight since Sunday - all thanks to Weff Jebster!

Currently stitching - nothing!
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