Friday, September 18, 2009

TUSAL and a Near Finish

Hmm - I seem to have used quite a bit of white this month. You can just barely see the greens, pinks and lavenders that I know I also used in the past month.
I've been working on getting some projects finished this evening - and almost forgot about TUSAL! Here are the Quaker Snowman ornaments that are nearly finished: They are intended to be Christmas presents for some co-workers. I think they need something more and I'm trying to decide - beads or cording or what?
Other projects can be spied if you look closely - and my secret is out - I'm a messy finisher - lots of scraps and everything scattered everywhere around me as I work!

Thanks for coming by today, and if you have a suggestion on the finish - please let me know.


Lotta said...

Oh, the snowmen are so cute. God job my friend.

Myra said...

Cute ornaments. I really don't think they need anything but if you just wanna - maybe a tassel on the bottom?