Sunday, October 18, 2009

TUSAL October

It's the new moon - and that means it's time for a TUSAL update. As you can see, my jar is getting pretty full. Let's see, the purpley-blue is from - no, can't tell you about that one - it's for an exchange. How about the pink - nope, that's for an exchange too. The green and dark shell pinks - oops, another exchange. Seems that all I've done in the past month has been exchange stitching!

Wait, I have one I can share. I had a hard time sleeping the other night, and wanted to do a little cross stitching - but not something that would keep me from heading to bed when I got sleepy. This filled the bill: I'm Wicked - a freebie from Stitches 'N Stones Cross Stitch. It's stitched on 14 count dark blue aida with DMC Color Variations floss, and I plan to finish it as a little door knocker. It would have taken no time at all to stitch, but I ended up frogging the W twice!
It was nowhere on my stitching schedule (every moment is scheduled between now and Christmas - how about you?), but since it wasn't scheduled stitching time (insomnia doesn't count!), I don't feel even a twinge of guilt.

I'm really proud that I've been sticking to my stash diet - everything I've been stitching has come straight out of my stash. But I am going have to break down and buy a few skeins of floss - I'm running low on some I'll need for Christmas stitching. And, since this is Post # 91 - I'm looking at de-stashing some things for my 100th post give-away, but I may need to purchase a few things to round out my prizes.

Last weekend was my 2nd DGS's birthday. Like all 9-year-olds, he's Transformers mad. I thought the cake was u-g-g-l-y, but he loved the whatch-ma-callit Transformer on the top (sorry - I can't remember this one's name).
I don't know why all kids like to make hand signs for pics - it's a kid thing!

That's my warm and cuddly pink fleece robe thrown over the chair in the TUSAL picture - we have the first freeze warning of the season for tonight, so I'm keeping snuggly things handy!

That's 'bout all the news this time around.

Thanks for visiting today!


Karen said...

Great progress on your the cake too!

Danielle said...

I love the Wicked freebie. I just printed it out and hope to start it soon. Thanks for the link!