Saturday, June 24, 2006

Welcome to my world

Hi from Nita!

Ok, I've read other's blogs with great interest, so let's see if I can come up with something someone else might like to read.

DH and I have been renovating our house practically since we moved in, 18 years ago. We would finish a project, but then decide to change something, and start again. We've added over 1500 square feet to the house, adding a formal dining room, craft room, sun room and laundry room, and expanding the kitchen, den and master bedroom. This year, I begged that we simply _finish_ and be done with it. So far, we've finished the dining room and living room. Yesterday, got the crown molding and trim up in the renovated foyer. It's starting to look real!

We still have to hang the new lights, and I've got an antique secretary that I'm in the midst of refinishing to complete (to go on the wall to the left of the door), but it's so close to being done, I can taste it!

The next room we plan to work on is the study. We stopped working on it several years ago, and now we'll have to re-paint, and finish the woodwork and trim - but that's all, so it's next on the list.

Two walls in the study. Have I mentioned that I _like_ to read? The computer in the corner is an old one we set up for the grandkids (no internet access), so they could play on it while Grandmama's busy at the other end of the room at her computers or at her desk.

Today, the elder daughter and I are planning to build tapestry frames and floor stands - it's the first woodworking project we have done together - so we'll see how it goes. I've looked at pictures and winced at the cost, and said "I can build that". Total cost for the materials is less than $40.00 (we're using pine for the stands - not hardwood). We'll have to see how long it takes. Stay tuned for updates.

Currently reading: re-reading Jayne Anne Krentz - while waiting for my new books from Amazon.

Currently stitching: Christmas in July ornament for EMS Cross Sttich Board Exchange. Next project: The Mighty Samurai.