Monday, March 31, 2008

Vikki Clayton Silks!

I have just finished stitching my first project with Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers! These are beautiful hand dyed silks, and are a joy to work with. This is Tales of Wonder, a freebie by Jennifer L. Aikman-Smith Dragon Dreams. I used a couple of the "dragon" colors, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. (I also added a pennant to the castle - it just felt like it needed one!) Here are the HDF silks I used:

5143 Kodiak Bear
2125 Mermaid Blue
Mountain Shadows
Victorian Mint
3255 Luteous Green
Huckle Berry
Dragon Fire
Dragon Hoard (used for Herringbone stitch, Four-Sided stitch, Rice Stitch and Long Tied Cross stitch)

I used Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads (gold) instead of French knots for the eyes.

The fabric is a 36-count hand- dyed evenweave I received in an exchange, so I don’t know what the fabric or color are called.

I plan to finish this as a bell pull with gold hardware, if I can find a source that is not outrageously expensive (might be time to put on my crafting cap and figure out how to make my own hardware - hmmm?).

Next project for these silks? Don't let the Weeds.