Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've published a PIF (Pay It Forward) on my other blog Finishing Ideas for Handcrafts, and I invite you to come and join the fun!

CDB is Home!

My elder DD, whom I’ve always called CDB, was admitted to the hospital on 4 December 2008 with critical and life-threatening illnesses. CDB is the mother of our two grandsons. We prayed and solicited prayers from our friends and family for her recovery. Folks all over the world prayed for our precious CDB (our most sincere gratitude to all whom prayed with us for her healing!) Through the healing grace of God, she is recovering, and we brought her home on 9 January 2009. We brought her to our house so that I could continue to give her care while she completed recovery and regained her strength. We rejoice!

I solicit your prayers again – for strength for CDB and us all. Her marriage has been troubled for a while, and on 12 January, her husband brought their two sons to our house and left them, telling CDB he wanted a divorce. He did not bring any of the boys’ personal belongings. Over the next week, we managed to recover most of their belongings, and transfer the boys to a school near us (they lived almost an hour away and transportation to their school would have been very difficult, if not impossible). CDB has been far more gracious to her husband than I would be, allowing him to see the boys on Sundays. He has a long history of not keeping a job, and has not worked at all since sometime in December (and prior to December, had not worked for many weeks), so he tells CDB he has no money he can give her. DH and I are taking care of our daughter and grandsons, but it grates on CDB’s sensibilities that right now, she can’t contribute anything to their support. So please pray for CDB’s emotional health, for our dear grandsons and for us, as we manuever through this difficult time.