Sunday, June 15, 2008

Russian Magazine

On the EMS Cross Stitch Board, a link was published to this Russian magazine. There are dozens of very pretty cross stitch patterns if you click on "Embroidery"

The charts are not keyed to a specific floss. Instead, they appear to have generic names, like black, green and brown. I've spent some time with Google Translator, and here is a list of the Russian color names I've managed to translate:

Черный = black
Зеленый = green
Коричневый = brown
Коричневый темный = darkest brown
Коричневый cветло = light brown
коричневый средний = medium brown
Temhый = dark
Светло = light
Зеленый светло = light green
Оранжевый – orange
Бежевый = beige
Белый = white
Красный = red
красная вишня = cherry red
красный рождество = Christmas red
красный ясный = bright red
синий = blue
желтый легчайших = lightest yellow
желтого светло = light yellow
желтый = yellow
желтый средний = medium yellow
пурпурный = purple
фиолетовый = violet
серебристый = silver
серый = grey, gray
светло-серый = light grey
золотой = gold
бирюзовый = turquoise
голубой = light blue
ясные = clear
синий = dark blue
темно = dark
Золотой = golden

There are still more, but maybe someone bilingual in Russian and English will help us out - Hint - Hint!