Monday, June 01, 2009

And how did you spend your weekend?

I spent mine reupholstering six dining chairs.

I inherited my grandmother's 1940's Duncan Phyfe dining table. While it was used (and abused), it's still a very pretty piece of furniture - and it's on my list for a badly needed renovation. We use it in our sunny yellow sun room as a breakfast table.

The chairs did not survive her ten children - so I only have the table. Luckily, I found a set of Duncan Phyfe style chairs at a price I could afford - and since they were upholstered in a white on white fabric, I knew when I bought them I would be recovering them. I found fabric I liked about six months ago - and grabbed it and put it away in my craft room until I would have time to re-upholster the chairs.

This past weekend - the time had arrived. I couldn't stand it anymore. Doesn't look too bad at first glance, does it? Look a little closer: Grandkids and puppy dogs and goodness knows what have all taken their toll.
The seats were held on to the frames with four L brackets and screws - easy enough to remove. But then the staples! My Berry Staple Remover and pliers got quite a workout. I lost count of the hours I spent removing staples. DH pitched in a couple of times - but I did the majority of it my little ole self.

In contrast, recovering the chairs only took a couple of hours. CDB helped by ironing the fabric pieces (a bit wrinkled from being stored). I admit that it would have taken longer if I didn't have an air powered stapler. I have (in my foolish youth - lol!) re-upholstered a lo-o-ong sofa and two chairs with a manual stapler - and my hands were sore for months. Now, I wouldn't even attempt it without at least an electric staple gun - but I am lucky - and have a compressor and multiple tools to go along with it, including the stapler!
The end results are, I think, well worth the effort: You can see a bit of the table to the left of the chair. I promise to take before and after pics of the table renovation - it's surface is really very sad at the moment.

My dear DH spent the weekend refurbishing our sun deck - and on a brief foray in for ice water, brought me these lovely roses from our garden. They are from one of our few surviving rose bushes - the naughty furbabies (aka Annie and Nellie, the Gruesome Twosome) chewed the rest of the rose bushes to the ground - thorns and all!
So, what did you do over the weekend?

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