Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hey, I actually remembered to take a photo of my ort jar for the TUSAL! I began collecting on 1 January of this year, but with one thing and another, did not take monthly pictures (until now!).
I've made no attempt to push the contents down, altho I expect I will have to before the year is out.
All the white orts on top are from my current WIP, Papillons enchanteurs, which was offered as a freebie on 16 February on Club Point de Croix. Gosh, I have collected so many wonderful freebies from them. You do have to join the site, but membership is free, and a new graph is posted each day and remains free for five days! Do check them out. BTW, here is a pic of my WIP on Papillons enchanteurs: Two of my favorite motifs: butterflies and roses. How could I resist? Sorry the picture is so dark - I snapped the photo just a few minutes ago.
I'm stitching it in DMC B5200 on 28 count natural linen. Just a few more stitches and I'll have to figure out how to frame it. I haven't measured it yet, but I suspect it will need an oddball size frame, which might just require going out to the shop and firing up my compound miter saw to make a custom frame (I haven't done any woodworking in months, because of my eye problems and surgeries, so this should be fun!).
Let's see, what else is going on?
I finished reading Death Angel by Linda Howard, and also finished Dead Heat by Dick Francis and Felix Francis. Both were very quick reads. I don't have anything else new in the house to read until my order arrives from Amazon, which I think is due on the 24th.
Oh yes, I bought a bread machine. I've never used one before, so this should be interesting. I decided to get one and try it, 'cause I love homemade bread, but the last two loaves I made a couple of weeks ago crippled me for several days with the arthritis/bursitis (whatever) in my shoulder. Anyone have any experience with a bread machine? I could certainly use the advice.
It's getting late, so I must say
Good Night.


PaulineD said...

Wow Nita, I just about had a heart attack thnking that your TUSAL was for this month only, til I read that you've been collecting since Jan! Looks great, and your whitwwork looks gorgeous.

About breadmakers, my suggestion is to make bread according to the instructions for the breadmaker, and not to use the instructions that the prepackaged bread flour suggests. It may take a few loaves, but it is worth it! I write on a sticky note the details of amount, water & yeast and the order they go into the b/m in and stick it on the wall in my kitchen, otherwise I forget. HTH

Teena in Toronto said...

Good job!

Happy blogoversary!

Audronė said...

These butterflies are wonderful!