Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TTE Too Humbugs Sent and Received

I received this adorable humbug from Ronel, Isn't that chick cute? I love the beaded red coxcomb and all the blue beadwork on his back and wings. Much more sparkly than the picture shows.
Ronel also included some goodies for me: three packs of Madeira floss (I am sooo looking forward to trying it out since I've never used it), beads, fabric and large stickpins, as well as a postcard and sweet little note.
I sent this teeny humbug to Liz (no blog), and because it simply cried out for it, the teeny tag and teeny bookmark as well. The humbug is only 1.5 inches (~4 cm) and the bookmark is only about 2 inches (5 cm) tall/
I had bought a remnant of this fabric (I think it's Mary Englebreit - but I'm not sure) some time ago intending to make myself a project bag. I decided to use it to make Liz a quilted humbug project bag. (See my house canisters in the background - that's where I got the color scheme for my blue and yellow kitchen - lol!) I still have enough fabric left for a project bag for me, if I ever get around to sewing it!In the second picture you get a glimpse of my craft room in the background. It's still a work in progress - and quite messy as you can see. The wall on the right has three cupboards that I use to store far too many craft supplies. The wall on the left has cabinets that I re-purposed from my old office and has three of my sewing machines set up and ready to go. That's a really recent addition - and the countertop is a new one purchased to go in my craft room. The table in the middle is elevated to a convenient height for me to use as a cutting table, and has roll around drawers tucked under it. Right now my ironing board is sitting on top of it, because I was doing some finishing on Needle Books that I'm angel stitching for TTE Too. I desperately need a counter top ironing board - there's no room for the full size one in my craft room! The desk will have a computer on it - if I ever get it cleaned off!Those windows face South - so I have wonderful light all day long (when the sun is shining, that is!). As I finish sorting out the craft room, I'll take more pictures of it's features.

I may be spending quite a bit of time in my craft room over the next few days - the weatherman is predicting snow tomorrow (schools here are going to be closed in anticipation) and since we are not set up to deal with snow here in the southern USA- we just huddle in and wait for it to go away!

Thanks for visiting today.

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Sandra said...

Well, seems craft room never stop to be wips. I've changed mine a lot. Right now seems too messy for my taste and I rather stitch at the living and dinning room (model room of the house for now lol)

Love the bag, the fabric is gorgeous. It reminds me of on I got at fabric depot. It does look like a ME design.