Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Crocheting Fun

Crocheting was my first crafting love.  I loved crocheting so much that for a year or so I made my living as a professional crocheter for Estelle Gracer.  I truly can't recall how many of these jackets I made (the first style I made, luckily I did get to make other styles), but I averaged 4 jackets per week.
Since I love crocheting, I'm always excited when another crafter gets hooked. Like Heidi.  Heidi wants to make a granny-square afghan, and has purchased yarn, but isn't sure she has enough.  I pointed her to this Lion Brand Yarn Site
From Heidi's site, I wandered over to Lucy's, and found that she had completed a BIG Granny Afghan in 2009, and she kindly shares her original granny square instructions.
Thinking about my time at Estelle's, I pulled out my original Q hook to show you.
The pen is there to keep the hooks from rolling away.  The hook on the left is the original, the one on the right one I purchased a few years ago to make a two sided afghan.  (Remind me to share with you how to make one - it's really simple once you get started, requiring only a basic chain and single crochets.) 
No, your eyes are not deceiving you - that's a hole in the old hook - worn there by countless crochet stitches (I only saved this one - I think I had to buy a new hook every 2-4 months back then).

And this is one skein of the yarn I bought on sale back during the summer.  I hope to either knit or crochet myself a sweater this winter.  It's tough to get the color right at night by flash - the color is blue mint, and it's much more vibrant than this photo shows.
I can only work with worsted weight yarns in the winter.  As the item grows, my lap gets warmer and warmer - so it's definitely a winter sport for me.

So, do you crochet?  Do you want to learn?

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Janaina said...

I don't crochet and am deeply jealous of anyone who can master working with a hook. I tried several times, and all I could do was the very basic chain. Nothing more than that. All stitched looked floppy and uneven. Sad...=(
I cross stitch for the past 13 years, and I know I'm good doing it. Even little xxx, with a really neat back. I wonder if I should/could give crocheting another chance, specially when I see those oh-soooo-adorable granny squares afgans.They look so cozy and comforting. Is that a project a beginner could try?
Love your blog!*Ü*
Hugs from south Brazil.