Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dawn's Pincushion and I've been RAKed!

My friend Dawn wanted a pincushion that she could use when making stickpins.  Dawn does the most gorgeous work with mini albums and stickpins.  I know she likes mermaids, and she's a kind of whimsical person, so I chose a chart from my stash - the chart appears to be Chinese, and that is definitely the style.

I used some tropical fabric from my stash, and trimmed it with a bit of lace.

I dislike sticking pins in the cross stitched work, so I like to have plenty of fabric - and Dawn wanted to be able to assemble stickpins assembly line fashion, so this is one of the largest pincushions I've made.

It's about 9 inches x 3 inches by 2.5 inches, and stuffed with crushed walnut shells for weight.

I added a little pewter seahorse charm, just for fun.

Dawn actually featured this on her channel - go take a look.

Today, Dawn surprised me with a RAK of her own:

Buttons to add to my stash,  and hidden away in the matchbook style cover....

Five Gorgeous Stickpins! 
The paper is a heavyweight art paper, with little flecks in it, and the cut edges are burnished so the cut design really shows.

Each stickpin is unique, and uniquely beautiful.  Please click on the photo so you can see the awesome detail.

Thank-you so much, Dawn - I love them!


Meari said...

The pincushion you made is so adorable! And lucky you... pretty stickpins.

Blu said...

That pincushion is so cute! Both the mermaid and the fabric are adorable.
Dawn's pins are gorgeous! You're very lucky.

Jules said...

That is a really cute piece you received! Mermaids are great characters...